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Your Comprehensive FAQ Guide to Maximizing Agency Success

In the ever-evolving landscape of the insurance industry, The Brokers stands out as a beacon of support and innovation for insurance agents facing the challenges of today’s market. As a platform designed by agents for agents, The Brokers offers unparalleled access to a wide range of insurance carriers, financial products, and resources – all at no cost to its members. This FAQ guide delves into the mission, unique advantages, and comprehensive support system that The Brokers provides to insurance agencies nationwide. Whether you’re looking to expand your carrier options, maximize commissions, or connect with a community of like-minded professionals, The Brokers offers tailored solutions to elevate your agency’s success.

The Brokers provides an Access Network to Carriers, MGA and Other Product(s) that provide a lifeline to insurance agents in this challenging market where it is difficult to place business. The Brokers work with select companies to access various personal, commercial, life, health, annuities and other financial product lines. The negotiations focus on increasing overall revenue opportunities for their agency members.

The Brokers is a NO-COST platform built by agents for agents. It provides a customized approach to support your agency’s carrier blind spots by providing a temporary solution where you maintain control and ownership of your customer base. The Brokers does not participate in a commission split with its members, leading to Broker members earning more revenue for the business they are placing.

The partnership of companies within The Brokers varies from Managing General Agents (MGAs), InsureTechs, Personal Lines Carriers, Commercial Lines Carriers and The AC Financial Network for all your Life, Health, Annuities and Other Financial Products needs.

One thing that separates The Brokers from other companies in the business space is that The Brokers never touches an agent’s commissions. The Brokers want the agent to maximize their revenue through The Brokers special deals and increased compensation from their company partners.

There are no costs to your agency. Remember: No cost to you all the way through!

The Brokers offers access to hundreds of Carriers and Products through our partnered MGAs. Also, The Brokers contains a solution for both P&C and Life and Health. Soon to come, a Premium Finance solution will be available as well! We also offer a “guide” through these MGAs and what types of products they can provide to your agency. With our Platform Partner Agent (PPA) program, we have recruited 40-plus PPAs to best service our nationwide presence, each handling a region.

Go to our registration page and follow the registration process. Once complete, the agent will receive an email with his or her username and a link to create a password for the account. The agent will then log in to their portal to view the various organizations associated with The Brokers and how to secure an appointment.

No, The Brokers was designed to assist all agencies, regardless of size and tenure, while experiencing a “hard market.” The Brokers also understands that many agents may have other networks, such as wholesaling and MGA relationships. Agents are ultimately responsible for complying with the language of any active agreements/contracts they possess. The Brokers do not explicitly restrict the ability to work with other groups.

The Brokers have 20-plus carriers, MGAs and other partner groups that offer business lines that can assist agents during this challenging time in the insurance marketplace. This dynamic list continually changes; please check the site regularly for additional partnerships.

Agents can access an agent portal to schedule appointments with their partner companies by creating an account.

You can reach The Brokers support line at this toll-free number, (844) 500-BRKR, or support@jointhebrokers.com.

The Brokers have launched the Platform Partner Agent program alongside their new offering and partnered with representatives nationwide for collaboration and idea exchange. If interested, please contact us at support@jointhebrokers.com.

The carrier list is continuously being updated with new carriers.

Members can contact support@jointhebrokers.com if they have suggestions for improving their experience.

The Brokers is constantly finding new and innovative ways to provide value to its members. Whether new carrier/MGA partners on the P&C side or additional products with The AC Financial Network, The Brokers has something for any agent looking to place business.